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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

VWL VIII: International Competition Policy – Prof. Dr. Fabian Herweg

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Bachelor Course in SS 2018 - Cognitive Biases and Behavioral Economics

V-Seminar by Prof. Borgoni & Prof. Herweg 25.05.-27.05.2018 for advanced Bachelor students from P&E, Economics, IWE

For organizational issues and more detailed information on the course, please go to Teaching SS 2018 to find the syllabus.

Course abstract 

Inspired by findings from psychology regarding how an individual or her brain processes information and makes decisions, philosophers and economists have independently conceptualized these findings in their respective fields. The seminar will look at biases and heuristics used by individuals in decision making from both a philosophical and an economic perspective. There will be discussions of broader, rather philosophical questions, e.g. to which extent the usage of heuristics is irrational and how they can be carried out by the individual’s mind, as well as more applied – economic – questions, e.g. how do these biases affect tradeoffs between short run benefits and long-run goals (savings for retirement).

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